As of November 1st, 2016 the Rockaway Arts Academy and Soul Search Records will be MERGING!!!

In an effort to expand what we have to offer the community, we have decided to merge with Soul Search Records in Mountain Lakes! Our dream of offering recording at a professional recording studio, group classes, acting classes, drama classes, practice space and much more more has finally become possible with our joined efforts.

With more rooms, more teachers and more times, we can easily accommodate multiple family members and the ever fluctuating schedules of most of our students. With newly renovated rooms, you will receive top quality equipment and service.

Thank you for your years of patronage and the best is yet to come!

So all lessons and classes will be held at the location below:

Soul Search Records
60 Midvale Road, Suite 210
Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046

If you would like more information please call us at (973)588-5557 or (973)586-0700.

If you would like to email us for more information please email us at brian@soulsearchrecords.com

"Without music, life would be a mistake." -Nietzsche

Welcome to
The Rockaway Arts Academy!

21 Pine Street Suite 204 Rockaway, NJ 07866
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Do we have the right music lessons for you?
The Rockaway Arts Academy provides quality music lessons for Guitar, Voice, Piano, Drums, Bass, Ukulele and Rock Band Classes in Rockaway, NJ. We offer music lessons for ages 5 to adult and from beginner through advanced. The Rockaway Arts Academy offers more benefits than any other music school in Rockaway. Our students drive as far away as Ridgewood to take music lessons here. Nobody does music lessons like we do!

While you are here researching the best music school for you, please consider the benefits of becoming a Rockaway Arts Academy student and find out why we are Rockaway, New Jersey's number one choice for music lessons.

12 Benefits of becoming a Rockaway Arts Academy Student:

1. Music Lessons for Guitar, Voice, Piano, Drums, Bass Guitar, Ukulele and Rock Band Classes all in ONE location!
We are the only music school in Rockaway that offers music lessons for all of these popular instruments and classes: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Voice, Singing, Piano, Bass, Drum set, Ukulele and year round Rock Band classes in one location. We also have group music lessons, ensembles, jam nights, clinics, music teacher training programs and recitals.

2. The most qualified and passionate music teachers in Rockaway.
All of our music teachers have either college training, professional performance experience and teaching experience. Our music teachers are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you to achieve them in your music lessons. With at least two music teachers for every instrument, we are confident that we have the right teacher to meet your music lesson needs. In addition to their teaching credentials, our teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly and dedicated to teaching you the style of music that you want to learn in your music lesson. We also have a wide range of music lesson times available to fit into your busy schedule. With music lessons Monday through Thursday and Saturday music classes, we know that we can find you a time that works with your schedule. Whether you child wants to start playing their first notes on piano... you are a teenage drummer looking to start a band... a college student looking for help with their vocal major... or an adult who never got the chance to fulfill their dream of being a guitar player... we have the right music lessons for you!

3. A proven track record of excellence since 2003
Visit the Academy's testimonial page to see what our students are saying about the Rockaway Arts Academy. The Rockaway Arts Academy has a proven track record of offering quality music lessons for guitar, voice, piano, ukulele and drum lessons in Rockaway year round. Our full time mission is teaching music lessons trusted by over 1,000 families for over a decade. We have music students currently attending music lessons, that started over 12 years ago! Our students are just as committed as our music teachers.

4. A comfortable parent’s lounge for our students and parents
Instead of waiting in a music retail store showroom, our clients enjoy a spacious, professional parent’s lounge with comfortable chairs, bottled water service, free Wi-Fi, family friendly music, magazines and television while they wait for their music lessons. We also have large observation windows on every door so that you can watch your child’s music lessons. Or if you prefer you can sit in on their music lesson anytime you like.

5. Fully stocked music lesson rooms.
Our music lesson rooms are stocked with everything our students need for music lessons including amps, stereos, full drum kits with pads, electric pianos with weighted keys and much more. All you need to bring to your music lesson is your guitar, bass guitar, drum sticks, and books. We have spent thousands of dollars on our studio to offer soundproofing and large observation windows. Technology is a big part of our music lessons here at the Rockaway Arts Academy and we have hookups for iPods, iPads and laptops in each room. This allows students to have a modern and engaging music lesson using teaching apps, music software and more. Feel free to "Bring Your Own Device" to your music lesson in addition to your music instrument!

6. Recitals, performance, and recording opportunities
We are the only music school in Rockaway that gives all of our students the opportunity to perform in bands with each other. Even our newest beginner students have the opportunity to play in bands and feel like a rockstar!

Every parent just wants to know how their child is doing and if they are really progressing. The best way for a parent to understand if their investment in music lessons is really worth it, is to have their child participate in a recital.

In May and December many of our students choose to perform in our biannual recitals. We also are continually adding other performance and recording opportunities for our students as well. Your child will love the opportunity to rock out on the big stage with a real rock band, play in front of their peers at local venues and get professional recordings of songs that they are working on. You are encouraged to bring your family and friends to the show and share in the fun of music! Our performers either perform in groups like in our Rock Band Classes, perform with a teacher, or perform a solo piano, vocal, or guitar piece. Even our youngest beginner music students will have the chance to feel like a rockstar for the day! Visit our videos page to see some of the performances!

7. Professional office staff and music lesson director to serve you.
We are the only music school in Rockaway that has a music lesson and scheduling director dedicated to our customer service during our business hours.

Our friendly office staff is always ready to answer any questions that you may have and to make sure that you get the best possible customer service. They are always ready to tell you the wide range of music lesson times available. In addition to having a music lesson director always at the desk, we also send out newsletters, quarterly progress reports, facebook updates, letters and more to keep you up to date on everything that is going on at the Academy.

8. We are conveniently located in the Pine Street Commons in Rockaway.
Due to it’s central location, our music school is convenient to all areas of Rockaway. While you are taking music lessons, close to the school you will find great shopping, dining, gym and local entertainment. Although located in Rockaway we are only minutes from Dover, Denville, Mine Hill, Randolph, Parsippany and all other ares near Morris County.

9. Student Discount Cards.
We are the only music school in Rockaway that offers students discount cards for their students which saves them up to 20% off on music instruments throughout the year. Not only do students get the benefits of quality music lessons, but also save money as you progress through your music career.

The academy sells music books (for piano, guitar, drums, ukulele, bass, theory, voice, staff paper, tab paper), instruments and accessories. Our music teachers and staff will direct you to what is the best instrument for your needs as a student. Whether it is an electric piano, guitar, bass, drum set, or even ukulele, you only need to make one convenient stop to the Rockaway Arts Academy to purchase these at a discounted price. Unlike most music stores that have their music retail as their number once focus, the Academy puts our student's needs first and foremost. There is NO PRESSURE to purchase a musical instrument here at the academy. We simply want to provide ALL of the things a student needs here at the Rockaway Arts Academy. All of our current students receive a student discount card that saves them money on all of their music lesson supplies. Students will save up to 20% off on instruments, music lesson materials, accessories and much more! We have everything our students need for their music lessons here at the Rockaway Arts Academy.

10. FREE Student Picture Day
We are the FIRST and ONLY music school in Rockaway that offers a free picture day for their students.

Every year we host a free picture day with a professional photographer. This is a service that our student’s parents love as they all want quality photos of their children. Adults are welcome too! Students can bring their music instruments to the photo shoot and wear whatever they like. Piano players, drummers and singers, we will have a piano, microphone and drums set up for your pictures. We have all sorts of music instruments here at the store so if you'd rather pose with one of ours that's fine too! Visit our music school and check out our wall of fame with pictures of our students!

11. Quarterly Progress Reports.
We are the FIRST and ONLY music school in Rockaway that offers quarterly progress reports for all of our private lesson students.

Each student receives a quarterly progress report that lets the students and parents know exactly what they are working on in their music lessons, what they need to improve on, and the goals that we have in the next upcoming months of music lessons. This ensures that a student is guided clearly and that parents can help encourage the student through their music lesson career. We also encourage our student's parents to come and talk to the teachers on a regular basis so we can keep you posted on how your child is doing so that they get the most out of music lessons and you know how to help guide and encourage them.

12. Month to month music lessons.
The Academy does not require semester minimums for music lessons. Every student here is on a month-to-month basis. All our music lessons from guitar, piano, voice, bass, drums, and ukulele are on a month to month basis.

If you are ready to start, you have nothing to lose as we only want students who truly want to be here and we will not commit you to a long term contract.

It’s easy to take the next step:

Music lessons are first come, first serve so CONTACT US TODAY to arrange your first music lesson!

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21 Pine Street, Suite 204 Rockaway NJ 07866
Morris County

Offering quality music lessons for guitar, voice, piano, drum, bass, ukulele, and rock band classes in Rockaway, NJ. Serving Dover, Denville, Parsippany, Randolph, Wharton, Jefferson, Mine Hill, Roxbury, Mountain Lakes in Morris County New Jersey.

Offering quality music lessons in: Guitar, Piano, Voice, Drums, Bass, and Ukulele.
$26.00 per 30 minute private music lesson held once a week.
Recommended for teens and adults.

$52.00 per 60 minute private music lesson held once a week.
Recommended for the serious student.

Learn the songs you want to learn!

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